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Is 6 weeks right for my horses hoof care? From our experience, typically, in our practice the horses on a 6 week schedule are performance horses with a high work load and demand where balance and fit are essential to the level of performance the horse is putting out. Other cases include therapeutic or corrective shoeing and trimming so that the affected or inflamed areas are well maintained, keeping the horse sound and comfortable. At 6 weeks we notice there is a significantly less chance of a fungal infection like thrush forming and normally minimal to non existing hoof flaring or distortion. 



Is the 8 week schedule right for my horse? From our experience in our practice this tends to be the most common and more beneficial for the everyday ranch horse, trail horse, or pasture pet. Around 8 weeks there is normally significant growth of the hoof which will need to be exfoliated and trimmed to prevent growth of thrush or an abscess. Also, the hoof wall will need to be trimmed and dressed to regain a balance of the hoof and correct distortions in the hoof so that the horses hoof health and soundness continue. 8 weeks is typically our recommended trim and shoe schedule.



Is 10 weeks right for my horse? In our experience, in our practice horses on a 10 week schedule are typically horses who are barefoot and not able to grow more then they are wearing during their daily activities and performance. Typically horses that have a healthy growth rate tend to start distorting in the outer wall and start developing overgrown bars and frog around this time. The growth creates a pocket where bacteria will accumulate and create fungal infections and structural deformities that can be detrimental to a horses soundness such as thrush, an abscess, or founder. Knowing that, we do treat an abscess or thrush when found while trimming or shoeing a hoof also dressing any distortions on the outer wall. 10 weeks is good maintenance for the select few that fit the criteria first mentioned. Hopefully that helps with some of the questions one may have. 

Questions for one of our team members? Simply reach out, we’re happy to help.

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