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Welcome to French’s Farrier Service. Have you been searching for a reliable, patient, friendly and experienced farrier? Well search no more. French’s Farrier Service Owned and Operated by Dustin French CF is here to satisfy all of your equestrian needs. Dustin is an American Farriers Association Certified Farrier working on AQHA and TB and OTTB specializing in performance for barrel racing, roping, cutting, reining, jumping and dressage and trail and limited barefoot clients. French’s Farrier Service will provide the services and experience necessary to have your four legged friend comfortable, balanced and performing at peak ability. Servicing northern, southern and eastern Colorado as well as southern Wyoming. Now Servicing Texas DFW and surrounding areas

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Shoes will be applied to aid in correction, protection, and traction. Horse shoes will be picked by Dustin specifically for your horses confirmation, gait, and performance needs. Dustin will then trim the hoof to appease medial lateral and toe heel balance addressing any existing flaring, then the shoe will be applied and dressed with a polish finish. This will allow for a optimal fit and merge between the hoof and the shoe which will create maximum comfort and performance for the guaranteed period of 6 weeks. Common question that we receive are, Do shoes hurt my horse? Do the shoes have to be pulled for winter? Will hot setting shoes hurt the hoof? The correct nailing and application of a horse shoe should be a pain free process as the horn that the nails are penetrating is non sensitive. Hot setting must be done by an experienced hoof care professional and when it is performed correctly can really be a game changer for an ideal merge between the steel and the hoof, what happens when a farrier hot sets the shoe is there is a burning of the non sensitive horn ( hoof wall) to the top side of the shoe which will level the hoof structure and the shoe pain free allowing the hoof and steel to merge. Being based in Colorado snow is an annual occurrence so no shoes nor performance have to be put on hold for the winter we offer snow rims and pads added to shoes and other traction devices which allow the equine to avoid the build up of ice in their shoes or slipping on slick snowy surfaces allowing you and your horse to stay active during the snowy months.  Dustin has experience with a variety of applications to best fit the needs of the individual horse. all horses are treated as an individual so that their needs can each be individually met.   All packages come standard with a hot set unless requested as cold setting is an option. All prices are based on a sound quarter horse, that has been on a regular 8 week schedule. 



Domestication of the equine has increased the workload and demand put on the hoof structures while as a mustang they did not have an added 80 to 100 pounds to carry while maneuvering at a walk, trot and canter. Even with these added demands of domestication there still are horses that can maintain while being barefoot. Dustin prefers the barefoot trim on a horse that can upkeep with their performance demands and hoof growth. Dustin’s barefoot trims are conservative, He has discovered that less is more when it comes to the barefoot horse. Dustin prefers to have ample sole depth and hoof wall to support the weight of the horse and the sensitive structures under the hoof allowing the horse to be more comfortable. The hoof will be trimmed to balance toe, heel, medial, lateral and addressing any abnormalities in the outer wall. This means the horse’s hoof structures will remain optimal for any added demands that may occur and the point of break over will remain in the ideal location based on the horses unique conformation leaving them sound and happy. The hoof will then be dressed and polished. The price for a barefoot trim 60$ This includes thrush treatment hoof polish is based on a sound horse on an 8 week schedule. our price is 70$ a trim 

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Dustin French CF began his journey into hoof care in 2014 being a rodeo cowboy riding bulls in the prca the opurtunity to work with such amazing animals just fit. Since he opened Frenchs Farrier Service becoming one of the top farriers in northern Colorado working along side multiple horse owners, vets, other farriers and apprentices to provide the best hoof care for each individual equine. Earning his Certified Farrier accreditation from the American Farriers association has been another accomplishment checked off the list of goals now seeking out his CJF and then setting sights on England to obtain his Awcf accreditation he has a thirst for knowledge and is constantly attending clinic and forging competitions to improve his knowledge and skill to better provide for his clients its truly his passion and purpose. Outside of running his busy practice and coaching up apprentices Dustin is a accomplished team roper enjoying weekend events with his girlfriend two horses and dog Lori. Other wise you will find him enjoying time with family eating a good meal. As always He is very thankfully for the clients and horses that trust him with their care god is good.

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